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17th Annual  KASTNER CUP

Buttonwillow Raceway Park

MAY 4-5, 2019 

Buttonwillow Raceway Park,

VARA British Extravaganza Featured Event

The Kastner Cup returns to the West Coast for 2019!

Our Seventeenth annual race of Triumph-powered sports cars will be held at Buttonwillow Raceway as the feature event of the VARA British Extravaganza.

Buttonwillow Raceway Park is a road racing facility located in Southern California just outside the town of Buttonwillow, CA. Professional race teams, car manufactures, tire manufactures and aftermarket accessory companies use the facilities to develop, improve and refine their products. Amateur and professional race series utilize the facility to hold races on a variety of configurations.

2019 is VARA's 24th annual British Extravaganza featuring British Marque feature races and a British car show. All Triumph car clubs are welcome to attend!

All Kastner Cup entrants will be entered to run with regular VARA run groups including the Union Jack Challenge (all British car) race.

Grand Marshal Kas Kastner   Photo: Shawn Frank     


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Peter Brock, designer of the legendary Triumph TR-250K, will reunite with Kas and the car at the 2019 Kastner Cup race in May at Buttonwillow Raceway.  He will be a special guest and this was made possible by our good friends at Moss Motors.



Peter is a noted designer of not only the TR-250K but the Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe.  All of these cars that still exist are in private collections or museums.  However, Peter has agreed to bring his personal Daytona Coupe, which is a street legal continuation of the racing version. Peter will transport this unique car to the event in his Aerovault Trailer.  The trailers are made at his facility in Nevada and reflect his forward thinking design ideas that date back when our TR’s were ‘new’ racers, not ‘vintage’ racers! 

Remembering and honoring the amazing Peggy Kastner     Photo: Brad Eells       

The weekend will be a tribute to Kas and all he has done for our sport.  One of his greatest creations (TR-250K) and best friends will be reunited with Kas at this event.  DO NOT miss this race as everyone that take the flag will be racing for Peggy!